Orthodontics – dentistry branch dealing with preventive care and treatment of malocclusion and maxillofacial defects of children, teenagers and adults. The therapy carried out by an orthodontist affects not only the correct relations between the teeth, but also the proportions of the lower and middle section of the face. Hence more and more frequently, orthodontics is called jaw orthopedics.


In our clinic we usually treat adults. The therapy can be done with standard dental braces or Clear Aligner splints.


Clear Aligner is an innovative method of orthodontic treatment with help of transparent splints which straighten up the teeth without causing inconvenience and discomfort for patients resulting from daily use.


The splints are made by thermoforming with the devices of Scheu Dental company in specialized laboratories in Poland where modern technology and digital analysis are applied. Thanks to that the treatment is precise, planned in a detailed way and financially comparable to or even cheaper than other methods of treatment in orthodontics.


The splints are transparent, nearly invisible, and therefore highly aesthetic. They are made of soft material without any metal elements for mounting or screwing. This makes them comfortable, painless and free from irritating. One can easily remove them for eating and cleaning so maintaining hygiene is extremely easy. They fit teeth perfectly so the patients can laugh and talk freely.




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